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Welcome to Product Training and Publications eLearning Demo. This Demo has been put together for our Account Representatives and End Customers to showcase the Product Specific eLearning developed by our group.



eLearning is a training tool that provides the knowledge aspect of the products developed by Joy Global, Inc. This demonstration provides important information on the philosophy of the Product Training and Publications team and how we plan to provide our stakeholders with the knowledge, skills and competencies that enable them to achieve their highest performance potential.



Upon completion of this Lesson the student will:


         Have a better understanding of the philosophy that the Product Training and Publications team has adopted in their approach to providing Technical Knowledge and Skills Based Training now and in the future.

         Understand the need for assessing our workforce before, during, and after receiving training.

         Understand the benefits of eLearning and why it has become the primary delivery method for knowledge based training.

         Understand the benefits of Instructor Led Training and why it has become the primary delivery method for skills based training.

         Have a thorough understanding of the eLearning interface and the structure of the eLearning developed by Product Training and Publications.

         Become familiar with some of the Shovel and Drill, Operator and Maintenance Lessons developed within Product Training and Publications.


Lesson Outline


         Topic 1 Introduction to eLearning

         Topic 2 eLearning Features

         Topic 3 eLearning Examples